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Philippine Universities and Colleges Haunted Stories I

Philippine Universities and Colleges Haunted Stories I :

Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte )

Haunted Story By: Owen Jaen

It happened a few years back. An old male college teacher was seen eating alone in a corner during a College Faculty luncheon. Some teachers who saw him attested that he looked a bit strange and unusually quiet. They invited him to join their group discussion but he just gave them a blank stare. After a while, he just disappeared and nobody noticed him go out of the room. The bizarre thing about it is that this certain teacher was already in the hospital slumped on his deathbed at that very same moment. A few hours later, he was dead. When his desk was cleaned by his fellow teacher a few days after his death, the teacher was so shocked to find a note personally addressed to her, thanking her for everything. 

900,San Marcelino Street,Ermita,Manila City 1000,Metro Manila )

Haunted Story By:  Arnel B. Tablizo Jr.

A girl was by the sink washing her face when shelooked in the mirror, and saw the drops of water on her face not as what they really are but as drop of blood. And at her back, there was a headless man in soldier's uniform.Every year, students would encounter various but similarly scary experiences in that toilet. According to my research, the St. Vincent de Paul building, where the toilet is, is the oldest building of Adamson University and was used as an execution station by the Japanese army during World War II. Rumor has it hat countless number of heads had been chopped off in the toilet itself.

( DBB-B Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines 4115 West Ave, Dasmariñas, Cavite )

Haunted Story By : Paolo Gamboa

One day last February, even before the 7am classes started, a young Accounting sophomore decided to drop by the St. La Salle Chapel to say a quick prayer for her accounting exam. She reached the empty chapel, went to the very first pew, knelt down, and with eyes shut, began to pray. A few minutes later, she heard a shuffling sound and frantic footsteps. The student opened her eyes and saw a limping, pale-faced man reaching out towards her, his torn clothes covered in blood, a bayonet sticking in his chest and mouthing the words, "Help me..."

( Marawi City, Lanao del Sur )

Haunted Story By: Ritchel Gabutin

When graduation time is near, the Princess Lawan Bae all (PLBH) dorm residents can usually hear footsteps along the hallway, hough no one is there. The old janitress says they are seniors who committed suicide after finding out that they were pregnant. One restroom cubicle in the dorm has been closed since residents claim feelingunexplainable, eerie sensations when they use it. It is said that one of the students performed self-abortion and died inside that cubicle. It has been 8 years now but it remains closed.

( Anonas, Santa Mesa, Maynila, 1016 Kalakhang Maynila )

Haunted Story By : Jonizel Lagunzad

"She was once there and she never left," according to one housekeeper of PUP Jasmin hostel, reluctant to tell the exact room number of the so-called "haunted room." Residents of the hostel reveal that every time they pass by the corridor during late afternoon and early in the morning, they could hear murmurs and cries coming from the haunted room. Stories say that a female nursing board examinee committed suicide inside the room. Many have had experiences seeing her walking in her nursing uniform at the middle of the night or appearing in bathroom mirrors-with blood on her face. She also loves to knock on the door and if one opens, he would find no one but sense an eerie feeling. Residents believe that once you open the door, she comes in the room, so they advise not to open the door.

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